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Baladăna™ is a new and exciting strategy game for two players.
It is available as a physical board game or as a computer game.

The game is played on a square game board of eight by eight squares by two players. The players take turns moving their rings and figures. The first player to capture both of his opponent's golden rings is the winner.
For a quick overview of the rules see Rules Summary, if you want all the details go to Official Rules.

Computer Game Features

  • Play against another player, against the computer with selectable level of expertise from 1 to 5 or over a network (LAN, Internet) against a remote player.
  • All the moves in each game are recorded and displayed in the Game History listing. You can undo, redo and redisplay moves; you can also display the game as it was after any specific move and show an animation of a part or the entire game.
  • Each game, whether it is in progress or already finished, can be saved in a file and later loaded again to be reviewed, finished or even re-played differently from a certain point in the game.

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Purchase the Game

The computer game Baladăna™
is available for purchase from RegNow.com

Price: US$9.44

You will download the program immediately after the payment is processed on-line in real time using the RegNow secure server.
No shipping, no waiting.



Try out the game for free - you can download a fully functional evaluation version of the Baladăna™ program and test it and enjoy it every minute of the 30-day trial period (by then, you will want to buy it anyway :-)


file name

download now
1,550 KB

Installation Instructions

Download the self-extracting installation file into an empty or temporary directory and double-click it. Follow instructions of the installation wizard. Uninstall is supported.


Here is a full-size screenshot of the game:



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